Planning for an Active Year in 2021


Reaching customers while maintaining safe social distancing has become “the new normal” during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Industry gatherings such as trade shows are evolving into virtual events, accessed via the Internet. Traditionally physical resources for reaching customers, such as mailed brochures, catalogs, and newsletters are now electronic. The current business environment is accelerated, with customers seeking fast access to product information. Keeping pace in the 2020’s can be challenging.


Fortunately, electronic technologies are providing ways to connect faster and more completely. from a distance. Wireless communications via emerging 5G networks are providing access to the Internet from almost anywhere and at any time. Smart phones, iPads, and other communications devices are providing instant links to important information, such as data sheets and product brochures, to help customers in search of electronic products to find what they need. Reaching those customers is a matter of bundling compact, effective messages in electronic form—such as webinars, videos, and display ads—that will grab their attention and stay with them. Reaching new customers with the right message can come in many ways, such as by e-mails or on a company website. Leger Communications (  is here to help, now, in 2021, and beyond. .


Leger Communications works closely with clients on their marketing messages, whether for commercial, industrial, medical, or military markets. Often, the time to get that message across is short and the competition for a customer’s attention is large, so those messages must be creative, informative, and efficient. Leger Communications teams with clients to better understand your technology and goals and how they will serve your customers, and hopes to help you deliver your message clearly and concisely, so that future customers will have a good idea of how you can help them.