Preparing for the Surprises of 2021

Another year end brings a time when many reminisce about what has occurred during the year, especially the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. As of this writing, it appears that several versions of a vaccine have been developed to fight the coronavirus. The real challenge will be in distributing the vaccines to millions in need worldwide. Those vaccines require two separate injections and specific refrigeration requirements. But the timing is right to help make year-end 2020 a much happier holidays for a great many.


Just as the pandemic has been an unexpected surprise for many around the world, electronic developments are also surprising many worldwide with the increasing adoption of such technologies as artificial intelligence (AI), Fifth Generation (5G) wireless cellular communications networks, and even millimeter-wave radars and wireless communications in what will be known as “connected cars.” The rapid spread of many advanced electronics technologies is paving the way for a surprising, exciting 2021. And a need for many companies to inform their customers about the benefits of these new technologies.


Quite simply, we are here to help companies communicate about their technologies and what they will mean to the world. In an age of mobile phones and computers, and even the start of possible colonies on Mars and the moon, marketing communications with clear and accurate portrayal of technology is essential for understanding what each company brings to the marketplace.


As we head into the holidays, it is a time to look back through 2020 and recognize that it was not the easiest of years. In the U. S. especially, it was an election year and a time for change. But throughout the world, with the COVID-19 pandemic posing such a health threat, it was a time to appreciate family, friends, and co-workers and our time on this Earth. And at Leger Communications it is a time for us to  remind partners and associates of our dedication and interest in common goals and in our desire to work together so that we can grow together towards a brighter future.