Don’t Get Bitten by the Buzzwords


They are all around us: buzzwords. From AI or artificial intelligence to zirconium, they are letters, words, phrases, even symbolic characters used to attract our attention and keep us focused on a company and their products and technology. Artificial intelligence is a good example, plastered in front of any and every new hardware and software product as if it is the greatest thing to hit electronic engineering since the battery, and a cure for the common cold. But there is nothing magical about AI and it can be misleading, especially for those who hope it might do the thinking, or even the driving, for them.


AI comes in many shapes and sizes. It relies on computing power and a reference database to make decisions on inputs. It can be “taught” to think and/or act like humans or think and/or act rationally, as needed, according to what serves as the reference database. With machine learning (ML) technology, it can even build the database so that a product with AI increases its capability to make decisions and predictions.


But like any technology, AI has its limits, as does 5G, drones, robots, autonomous vehicles, and whatever happens to be the next greatest technology. Leger Communications wants to work with you so that your message is heard clearly and accurately, but without hype. As we work with you, we are also working to stay informed on new technologies as they develop so that we can provide you  with what is often referred to as a “wideband scan” of a market and application, so that as many opportunities as possible are explored for both you and your customers.


Engineers come to events such as the 2023 IEEE International Microwave Symposium (IMS) in search of solutions. Buzzwords can be intriguing and entrancing, with the promise of the next great technology. But an engineering solution is often a matter of a few more decibels of gain from a low-noise amplifier (LNA) in a slightly smaller package. Or circuit material that can minimize signal losses even when operating under the hood of an automobile or in a satellite in orbit. Leger Communications is well aware of the buzzwords, but we are more interested in listening to you, your engineers, and even your customers so that we can help you create useful messages about your company, your products, your people, and your technologies. When you provide worthwhile resources, you communicate clearly that you support your products and your customers who use them. After all, even the flashiest AI is not very good without the database!