Is That Really What It Means?

Engineering design and development of new, innovative products calls for creativity. It also requires collaboration and communication, which can be challenging when probing through a 48-page data sheet filled with specifications, package pin layouts, and equivalent circuits for what may be the “latest and greatest” device to ever be introduced to electronic circuit designers. It may be exceptional, but a wrong number on a maximum operating temperature or supply voltage/current on that data sheet can render that device quite ordinary. Communicating accurate information about the latest and greatest technologies and products is an important part of engineering design and development progress, and an obsession of Leger Communications.


In an age when abbreviations for engineering approaches and technologies can emerge overnight and be overwhelming, communications are a critical part of any engineering project. Having a new tool or device or technology in hand is never quite so important without knowing how to use it and how it can benefit different applications. It is part of the name—Leger Communications—a marketing communications company that works closely with your engineering team to turn that 48-page data sheet into one or two pages of essential information. Leger combines years of science and engineering experience with a love of the English language, to deliver your message clearly and concisely. Certainly, those one or two pages will not have as much detail as the full data sheet, but they will let an engineer know in the shortest time possible what is important about your product and why it can help them.


Modern communications are almost instantaneous and ongoing, with new product upgrades and updates occurring constantly. For sure, a new antenna may not be the smallest and lightest and highest gain in its frequency range. But it may have some of the features and the kind of performance that is ideal for a particular set of applications, such as in unmanned aerial vehicles sending sensor data to a portable command unit. Leger Communications will work closely with your engineering team to find just where that antenna fits, whether it serves commercial, military, industrial, even medical markets, and how to communicate what the antenna does to those who need it the most.


Your team need not wear any special gear or hearing aides when working with Leger Communications: we speak your language and understand your terminology, even when it is filled with the latest abbreviations and acronyms, like 5G, 6G, SWaP, and UAVs. We take the time to listen to your team and create a message that can be understood by everyone on a potential customer’s engineering team, from the salespeople to the engineering director. There are no favorites—Leger Communications understands that the message is important to everyone on your team and everyone on a customer’s team. And communications are what we do: in print, online, even with a slap on the back at a leading industry trade show, such as the IEEE International Microwave Symposium in San Diego June 11-16,  2023.