Don’t get overwhelmed!

Do not Let Online Overwhelm You!

Online is everything, or is it? E-mail addresses are flooded with notices of webinars, white papers, and new product announcements as well as all the latest news about hundreds of companies. But how much of it is useful information? Call it “the thinning of the Internet” as companies attempt to generate and spread resources across multiple industries, trying to reach existing and new customers with information that will capture their attention. But too often, they are among hundreds of emails that many working engineers simply click on and delete. Most engineers want application and design information. They simply do not want to go through hoops to get it, as in registering with a company and website and adding their email to a list for future sales pitches.


Most engineers value online information that is educational and helpful. They will tolerate some amount of a sales presentation, but they also want to learn how to solve a problem. And they want to do it in their own time, by saving an application note, article, or white paper for future reference without spending half the day to register for it.


As technology companies vie for attention on the Internet, they try many ways to grab the attention of a visitor to their website. But all these magic offers are usually short term in nature and most engineers know there are no such things as “quick fixes” – certainly not of which they have not heard! They want something, for example an amplifier or a filter, when they need it, and they want to be able to save data sheets and other useful information about a product so that it can be a candidate for a long-term solution.


Leger Communications believes in long-term solutions, working with clients as closely but as efficiently as possible to provide accurate and practical information on new and existing products. As engineers, we at Leger Communications understand the needs of our fellow engineers and try to help describe the right products to the customers who need them the most. It is very much a “middle ground” where we stand, trying to understand both sets of needs for suppliers and customers and communicate as much information in as few words and the shortest amount of time possible.


This journalistic approach to marketing communications may not be overly “flashy” in terms of the modern Internet, but it is what engineers want. And it helps keep information of real value on the Internet and on your website, without the “thinning” of your website that may end up wasting the time for many visitors to your site.