The New Normal on Trade Shows and Marcom … Content is King!

What a difference a week makes. The coronavirus pandemic has had an immediate impact on the brick and mortar trade show industry. With the WHO adopting the social distancing and large gatherings, as of this morning, over two dozen RF/Microwave and Packaging shows have been postponed or canceled.

With this change from interpersonal communication to online and virtual communication we recommend for our clients they focus on one key area of marketing – the generation of original content. With the recent poor attendance by both exhibitor staff and attendees at trades shows in the last two weeks, clients are reevaluating upcoming events even if they are still scheduled. Many customers are reallocating those budgets for trade shows into other more effective, measurable ways.

We all count on accurate communications for the truth. Whether it’s for sports scores, the latest news, even the weather. And when it involves your company, timely communications are critical for presenting a clear picture of your latest products, advances in your technology, and the skills of your people. Don’t take chances on potential clients getting the wrong picture of what you do.

Leger Communication is a multifaceted media specialist that knows how to use the latest electronic tools to paint an accurate picture of your company, from its technology, to its manufacturing capabilities, to its people. We’ll work with you to make your website as usable and effective as possible. Using application notes, blogs, social media, technical articles, email e-blasts, thought leadership content and whitepapers, we’ll make the right connections with technical media to get the word out on your company. We’ll even help your product team to create clear, concise data sheets and press releases on your latest new products and keep your customers up to date with a newsletter on YOUR website. Leger Communications tells your company’s story to the engineering world, to your customers exactly the way you want it to be told: clearly, accurately, and efficiently.

Leger Communications features creative graphics artists, web designers, digital marketing experts and top engineering technical writers as part of a quick-response team that wants to make sure the world sees your company the way you see it, for all of its strengths, promise, and capabilities. Your next customer is waiting to learn more about you and your company. Make sure they get a clear picture.