Fighting a Pandemic    Part II

Fighting a Pandemic

Few people have not heard of or even felt the effects of the COVID-19 coronavirus. The tiny virus has spread from one part of China to almost all parts of the globe reached by airline passengers. It has caused sickness and death, with a great fear of contracting the disease because of lack of an effective vaccine. The previous blog explained how the need for quarantine of people tested positive for the coronavirus has affected global economies and sporting events and has already resulted in the cancellation of technical events, such as engineering conferences and exhibitions.


The coronavirus is especially dangerous to people over 60 years of age and with compromised immune systems. The RF/microwave industry has its share of members more than 60 years of age, making public events such as trade shows risky with the coronavirus at large. But this is also an industry that knows how to tackle challenges—such as replacing wired with wireless communications. This is an industry that doesn’t give up easily, whether reaching for difficult performance goals or finding ways to share information when public meetings have been cancelled.


The very technologies brought to life by the RF/microwave industry, such as wireless communications, enable the industry to overcome the effects of having conferences cancelled. Many high-frequency companies understand the value of communicating via the Internet, using blogs or webinars or online videos to inform and educate. While an online meeting with members of NIST or NASA or the DoD may not have the same excitement as a visit to their physical locations, much can be accomplished during a “virtual conference” without putting any participants in the meeting at risk from the coronavirus.


This is an industry that has learned to persevere, whether the challenge is surviving the coronavirus or making millimeter waves affordable to the masses (once thought impossible). It is an industry with much to share in terms of emerging technologies and business opportunities, whether sharing takes place online or at our industry-leading events. For a sneak preview of some of those hot technologies and market areas, don’t miss the third Legerblog in this trilogy!

Remember the hours after Sept. 11 when we came together as one… It was the worst day we have ever seen, but it brought out the best in all of us. – John F. Kerry