Don’t Be Stranded by Digital Marcom Firms


An effective digital marketing strategy can build your customer base, deliver sales leads, drive sales, exponentially increasing revenue and business growth. I often hear from clients who have failed relationships with digital marketing companies and most often it comes down to the same reasons.

  1. No strategy. A lot of firms work in a cookie cutter factory type manner. They can’t maneuver fast enough when metrics tell you to adjust.
  2. Audience Know How. Typically once the sale is done, the VP doesn’t actually do the work. That’s pushed down to Juniors who typically don’t know our space, our audience, or have long term and lifelong relationships or what I call “juice” with the industry gurus, influencers and media partners. Then the VP is off spending his/her time selling, which is their job – to generate business not effective client marketing. As a business owner for over 25 years in our industry, I know the stranglehold “overhead” can do to a business. Why I changed my biz model.
  3. Investing in the right marcom. I see time and time again, a large portion of the clients budgets being allocated in digital assets that benefit the firm more than the client. High margin, low maintenance assets that in a lot of cases could have been obtained organically via the right digital, SM or PR program. Again, overhead is not your friend.
  4. Integration is key. Typically digital firm recommendations are too top heavy, and leave no room for dove tailing with a more broad and effective integrated plan. Engineers don’t just click, they read, they view, they attend. Very few digital firms preach marketing integration – or will share in the wealth. They actually compete against it.
  5. Focus on Traffic. Firms will bombard clients with metrics, reports, analytics to justify fees, but ignore the funnel, and conversions.
  6. One way conversations. A lot of the strategy is a push for content, which ignores what an integrated marketing approach should do – offer a two way means of communication.
  7. Developing an effective digital strategy is key for growing your business. These are some common mistakes I see way too often when clients engage with digital marketing firms – but by being aware of these problems when being approached by sales teams promising the world, you can avoid these as you roll out your own strategy.