Communicating Clearly From A Distance

In an industry that is usually getting ready for annual events, many are still wondering how many coming up will remained scheduled, and if so will the attendance be worth the investment. With the coronavirus posing such a health threat, especially in the world’s larger cities where trade shows are typically  scheduled, electronic technology may take the place of an actual show. It may come, for example, in the form of a virtual event. For many in this industry, that would not come as a surprise and, with the health threat, might even come as a relief.

Many engineering and marketing professionals have experienced virtual seminars or online webinars as educational vehicles. During this time of a global pandemic, it is especially important to present a company’s mission and latest news online in the clearest, most concise way possible. Military, commercial, and industrial design engineers continue to push forward during these trying times, with the expectations that the world will survive the coronavirus and return to economic conditions under which demand will rapidly grow for many new high-frequency systems, including autonomous vehicle guidance systems and 5G wireless communications networks. It is the same 5G networks that will make it possible to have wireless online versions of events almost anywhere and at any time.

That day of defeating the novel coronavirus will come soon enough. In the meantime, a website provides an efficient and effective means of communicating a company’s messages and news to its customers. The word can come in the form of blogs, application notes, white papers, or even new product announcements. When DARPA devised the Internet, the idea was to use it to simplify the most complex information to as many viewers as possible, and a company’s website, when properly implemented, can be one of their hardest workers. Even if your event  is delayed or canceled for the foreseeable future, think about the opportunity your company’s website represents to fill in the educational gap where there would have been the show. And thanks again for reading the Leger Blog, and be well.