Don’t Miss 6G in the Rush Ahead!

Clocks once ticked. Now they are most often in the form of oscillators in electronic devices. Today they are keeping pace in Fifth Generation (5G) communications devices and networks but soon it will be Sixth Generation (6G) equipment. The first “five G’s” have come in a hurry and Leger Communications is trying to help you keep up if not stay ahead of technology as it emerges. Time may pass quickly, but we also hope it passes well.


Alexander Graham Bell never wanted much of a telephone of his own with its creation in 1876, but he was fairly sure that many people would appreciate the quick and easy way to communicate over distances. He probably never thought any early telephone would turn into any kind of 5G wireless electronic device that many users cannot live without. 5G wireless phones and networks are using wide bandwidths and millimeter-wave frequencies once considered experimental, even by military scientists. And they are requiring electronic hardware designers and manufacturers to produce components from amplifiers, cables, and connectors to circuit materials and test equipment reliably and cost-effectively so that 5G phones can be made affordably, as holiday presents. Hardware designers and manufacturers are rising to the challenges of 5G, and Leger Communications is hoping to help them spread the good word.


5G will never be the final word, of course. As many electronic engineers have learned, the pace of technology rarely slows down. It often speeds up instead, as users develop a growing appetite for a particular technology. 5G has a great deal of what it can do with amounts and types of information, and it will even be used by military troops. But it will not be the final generation. Many electronic companies are planning for whatever 6G can bring them, and Leger Communications hopes to be able to help them spread the good news.


Commercial 6G is not scheduled until 2030. After all, we are just in the midst of establishing 5G networks. But, as the pace of technology has shown, it can come a lot quicker than expected, and today’s 5G users may already be wondering what kind of 6G trade-in they can get for their 5G phone.


Keeping pace with technology requires some understanding of it. Leger Communications will never claim to be expert in any technology, but we try our best to explain your technology to those who are helped by it: your customers and their customers. We try to learn what we can from you so that we can help you help your customers learn more about what you do. Ready or not, progress is coming. Better to be ready!


And to you, your families, and friends, please enjoy a safe and happy holiday.