A Blog is Now Part of a Company’s “Web Personality”


The Internet has become a starting point in the education of many people. While it may not have evolved into the reference source envisioned by DARPA, it is an invaluable, globally accessible tool that provides almost instant information on people, places, and things. And through their websites, companies provide tools and resources on their capabilities. One of those resources that grows steadily in importance is the blog. Blogs have become so vital to some companies that they appear on a site’ s opening or “home” page. In many ways, they help define a company’s character, and supply potential customers with insights into a company’s way of thinking. While a blog may not be as important as a company’s new products, it is a way for a company to share its thoughts about those new products.


They did evolve into what became short for “weblog” as a form of online personal diary, starting around 1994 but now becoming very much the voice of a company’s personality. Blogs can be used to educate readers on a company’s technology, its products, even its people and places especially when they may seem a bit out of the ordinary. What makes shows like the 2022 IEEE IMS so great are the chances they offer for people to learn about each other, and website blogs offer those same changes to learn about companies. Readers can find out about some of the challenges overcome by designers of a new product, how it was developed, even why it was built.


As many companies have learned from working with me and Leger Communications, there are often hundreds of stories surrounding the most basic components, such as amplifiers or even printed-circuit boards (PCBs), and we are here to help to find and reveal those stories in blogs on your websites. We can collaborate with you to follow a theme or a trend, even tracking applications for a selected product line or technology. We can even help you tailor your blogs to the technical levels of your intended readers, whether they know a little about a lot or a lot about a little.


We will help you make your blog’s readers like old friends you have spotted at a trade show like the IMS Exhibition and are approaching with hot coffee in the morning. The blog will be your story and will invite readers to get to know you and your company better. We will write it with your guidance, and it will stay on your website for as long as you decide. It is your blog, and it will tell your story for the entire, Internet-connected world to read! Shall we bring the coffee to your booth?